Playing with Dick

3/17/16 – I only had time to play 5 holes. That meant not playing 4 through 7, cutting over to 8’s tee after putting out on 3. Meanwhile, I got to play with Dick.

I had a decent shot off the first tee, then met the two gentlemen that the starter had sent me out with. Gus came over, said hello and then, nodding toward the other fellow, “that’s Dick.” It turned out that Dick was aptly named.
broken tee

After shanki his second shot,  Dick ripped out a good size divot on his approach shot on 1. He walked away, leaving a six inch gash in the fairway mud. (Thanks Dick! say all the ground keepers.) On 3 I was at the top of the back swing on my approach shot when Dick started talking to Gus about waving the fellow behind us on. And tend the pin for me, just because I was away and he was closest to the pin? Ha! Forget about it! What a…

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