Batman, Superman and Green Lantern

4/22/16 – The good news is that on Sunday I parred for the first time this season, and then on Tuesday I parred two holes back-to-back. Sunday was a family golf outing, complete with carts, rally caps and lots and lots of mulligans at throwback golf course in the Berkshires. Tuesday, I played the home course, and pared the second and third holes. The rest round was but ended up with a score that takes my handicap down another notch. The bad news is that when I played on Wednesday I was paired with Batman and Superman, and we were joined by Green Lantern on the first green. I left them after putting out on 3, claiming that I had an all important meeting at 4:30.

It started off okay. Batman and I overlapped in the pro shop. I was waiting on the first tee when he and Superman arrived. Introductions were made and we were off. Superman shanked his first shot, but fixed it with a mulligan. Before his second shot, Superman asked Batman which club to use. When Batman told him to take out his bazooka, I realized that these guys were golf buddies.

Just before my second shot, the starter You-whoed us – a singleton would be rounding out our trio. Green Lateran hit his tee shot deep out of bounds to the left. He caught up with us on the green, about the time that the first round of beers.

I am partly to blame for what happened on the second tee. I failed to realize that Superman combined golf and orienteering. His tee shot took off at a 90 degree angle, passing about 20 feet down range from my chin, cleared the hill that defined the dog leg left, and landed somewhere on the practice range. On to 3.

Number 3, a par 3 with an elevated tee, has a priceless view of the city’s skyline. Batman’s tee shot landed in the trees 20 feet behind the green, Green Lantern was in the left bunker and Superman in the bunker on the right. My shot hit the green and rolled up pin even. We putted out and the next round of beers began.  I suddenly remembered an important meeting. Smile. Wave. Good bye. Enjoy your round. Have a nice day. And I moved ever so quickly out of range of the most errant tee shot.

DIY Practice Range – Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!

4/7/16 – All it takes is a little bit of real estate (a postage stamp sized urban backyard or sand lot will do), a net, practice mat and some golf balls and there you have it – your own personal practice range! The initial investment, just south of $160, is less than I spent at the public range in a year by about half, and the amenities include a hammock, cold drinks, music and snacks that come from a kitchen, not a vending machine.

The Rukket Haack Golf net that was the 2015’s World’s Best Birthday Present is the key to it all. 10 feet by 7 feet, it catches almost everything that I hit at it. (Word of caution: mishits happen. While I’ve had some close calls, I have yet to break a  window. And my good neighbor John has been very good humored when errant shots have ricocheted off the stone wall and hit his house – mercifully this happen less often these days!) The practice mat set me back about $20, and I squirreled away some balls from the public range before transitioning to my own personal golf practice facility. Fore!

golf 3