DIY Practice Range – Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!

4/7/16 – All it takes is a little bit of real estate (a postage stamp sized urban backyard or sand lot will do), a net, practice mat and some golf balls and there you have it – your own personal practice range! The initial investment, just south of $160, is less than I spent at the public range in a year by about half, and the amenities include a hammock, cold drinks, music and snacks that come from a kitchen, not a vending machine.

The Rukket Haack Golf net that was the 2015’s World’s Best Birthday Present is the key to it all. 10 feet by 7 feet, it catches almost everything that I hit at it. (Word of caution: mishits happen. While I’ve had some close calls, I have yet to break a  window. And my good neighbor John has been very good humored when errant shots have ricocheted off the stone wall and hit his house – mercifully this happen less often these days!) The practice mat set me back about $20, and I squirreled away some balls from the public range before transitioning to my own personal golf practice facility. Fore!

golf 3

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