A Few of Our Favorite Things…

Fever Tree Tonic Water / Pocket Ball Washer / Putter Wheel
June 24, 2016


Fever Tree Tonic Water – As part of our never ending quest for the perfect g&t, this summer we’re pairing Bombay Sapphire gin (a long time favorite) with Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water. “If 3/4 of your cocktail is mixer, make sure you use the best” say the folks who craft this tasty addition to the bar cart.


Green Go Pocket Ball Washer – I know. I know. I should bring a towel to the green. I should mark my ball, pick it up, wash it off and whisper “roll into the hole” in it’s ear. I should pace off the distance, and use my putter as a plumb line. I should never let the lateral water on the 5th hole come into play. This gizmo solves the bring a towel to the green problem. Fill it with water, ring it out, bring it on to the green and viola! a clean and happy ball that’s ready to roll into the hole.


Putter Wheel – Genius. A perfectly balanced wheel the look, feel and roll of a golf ball. A solid, square putting stroke sends it straight down the line. Hit it with an open face, the Putter Wheel veers right then falls over; a closed face sends it left before it topples. A welcome addition to the growing family of golfing parlor games.

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