Peggy Kirk Bell, Champion of Golf’s Many (1921-2016)

“Golffari…a week you’ll never forget…concentrated and superior golf instruction” for families, boys and girls offers the ad in the February 20, 1976 issue of Golf World magazine. At her Pine Needles Lodges and Country Club, Peggy Kirk Bell, a founding member of the LPGA, Peggy Kirk Bell, who died today, offered golf, tennis and swimming in a resort atmosphere beginning in the Sansabelt era.

“In my years I’ve seen quite a lot,” she once said, “I’ve seen some take up golf because they like riding around outdoors in the cart… Some are crazy about the game play because of all the good looking clothes… Some play because they like the feel of a solid hit… But here’s the great thing – we’re all here for something.”*

We’re all here for something – what a generous vision of the game. May we honor this pioneer by continuing to grow this great game for all.

*Different Strokes: the Lives and Teachings of the Game’s Wisest Women, by Mona Vold, 1999, Simon & Schuster, p. 94-95.

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