At the Intersection of Politics and Golf

Back in the day, nine months ago, during a Golf Channel panel discussing “Is Trump good for game”  Dan Roberts of Yahoo Finance and Sports posited that in Donald J. Trump we’ll have the most prominent golf loving president in US history.

There is another side to this coin. Don Van Natta in First Off the Tee: Presidential Hackers, Duffers and Cheaters from Taft to Bush, writes of Franklin Roosevelt’s love of the game. His father lay out a course at Hyde Park in the late 1800s. While in his teens, FDR did the same at Campobello. After polio, he had a special course built at Hot Springs. Public works projects built more that 250 municipal courses during the Depression. My home course, the Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr  Municipal Golf Course at Fresh Pond, was built in 1933 by the Cambridge (Massachusetts) Unemployment Bureau.

It’ll be interesting to see how growing the game plays out. Personally, I’m grateful that there are so many courses that are not owned by current office holders that I’ll be able to keep red and blue politics at arms length while playing many, many rounds over the next several years.  fpgc-3