Water Hazards

Donald Trump signs water rule that could help his golf courses.”
—  golf.com Tour News

Call me crazy, but I like that the EPA takes an interest in the quality of the water on the course that I play. Not that I like wading into the lateral hazard on 5, but the box turtles sunning themselves on a submerged log takes some of the sting out of my entrant tee shot. I like that a family of rabbits live in the wildflower thicket by the 8th tee.  Seeing a hawk in the trees over on the 4th fairway makes me happy.

img_3370 Bunny on 8th tee

I mean, come on! We play at places with names like  Green Valley Country Club, and Red Hawk Links – Trees. Nature. Wildlife does come into play here. It’s Bermuda grass, not astro-turf, and when it rains there is no dome to close or trap to roll out. The idea of managing land and water as if the future mattered is neither new, nor radical. (Isn’t it interesting how the word “conservation” is a lot like the word “conservative”?)  And it’s not like “green” golf course management can’t be done (here’s a list of the top eco-courses by Forbes) Hell, the USGA put out its environmental principals of golf courses in 1996. What is it with this sudden need to roll the clock back 21 years?

wildflower thicket fpgcWildflower thicket between 8th green and 9th tee

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