Countdown to Ireland

It’s another beautiful Spring day, and I’m on track to play nine again this afternoon.

Last week, between the weather and errands (getting kids to doctor appointments and glasses fitting, grocery shopping, my dental appointment and the seemingly unending cycle of laundry.) I only got out once last week. (Friday was my second loop around FPGC this season). Rain is forecast for tomorrow (so I’ll have a crack at completing mid-week errands without wasting good weather!) Thursday & Friday both look promising.

countdown to Ireland

All this golf leading up to our trip to Ireland and yes, I’m taking my clubs and yes, it’s going to be epic, and not necessarily because I’ll be playing legendary courses – although that may happen, who knows?

This trip – out on Saturday evening, arrive at 5 am Easter Sunday morning at Shannon Airport/back on Friday, five days later – a quick hop, with the primary objective of delivering a set of golf clubs to my brother, Ted. Growing up on the country club coast of Connecticut, Ted played a lot growing up, and played quite well. Somewhere between college in the mid-West, moving to Seattle and then Europe (Prague, Munich, Paris and now Greystones, Wicklow County, in the Republic of Ireland) he lost track of his clubs.

I shopped the clubs to within an inch of their lives and found a set of used Walter Hagen hybrids and irons for $25 on Craig’s List. I traded cash with Don beside his car across the street the L Street bathhouse in South Boston on a very cold Saturday morning in January. And yes, I was struck by how the exchange has the look and feel of a drug buy.

As Ted is a full on stay at home dad, supporting his C-level working for a Fortune 500 company wife, with two twin boys just north of toddler-hood, he faces the daily challenge of putting 20 consecutive minutes together to take a shower. A round of golf requires monumental planning; even a trip to the near-by driving range needs co-ordination and bit of luck. Should our luck fail, however, I do have a backup plan. And it is my backup plan that is epic – it is the stuff that legends (at least family legends) are made of. Trust me! If you’re a primary parent and trying to balance golf and life you’re going to want to know what I’m bringing to Ireland for Ted’s Epic Easter Morning surprise.

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