Another tee time countdown – 1 day, 23 hours..


…until teeing off at George Wright Golf Course with the EWGA

 I’m Sure Everything Will Be Okay, But..

…I’m about to play an away game after a most disastrous nine holes on Tuesday. The only good thing about the round was that it did finally came to an end & I could shake hands with the nice threesome who had witnessed my piteous lack of a game. To avert further calamity, I’m spending time on the practice green and at the range, and following And Mariah Stackhouse’s advice in the June issue of Golf Digest (Real Simple – 5 Fundamental to Better Golf). I even went to the extreme of starting to use the alignment sticks that I bought (but never used) last season.

And Then, There’s the Checklist

Clubs, bag, balls and tees – that’s the easy stuff. Then there’s clearing of the deck at home – yup – Saturday – gone most of the day – yup. The phone number for the pro shop is on the fridge – they’ll know where to find me if there’s an emergency.
What to wear – with showers and clouds forecast, I’ll layer up (polo shirt, sweater and windbreaker) and take an extra pair of socks.
Pack snacks – pimento cheese sandwich, trail mix and banana.
Trying not to panic. Re-reading Penick.  Wondering how to appease the golf gods.
Trying to find zen.


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