Hey Larry Bohannan – I’d round out that foursome!


Loved your article in yesterday’s Desert Sun Is it Possible to Take Politics Out of Golf? and if McIlroy, Obama and Hope needed a fourth count me in! Playing with these three guys, in the Valley?  That would be what we in Boston call a wicked good time!

Since I am blessed with a job that allows me to move from my desk chair to the first tee in about 20 minutes on any given weekday afternoon, who I play a round with is just the luck of the draw. I often play with folks I don’t know. That these folks are generally men and I am a woman, we are obvious different. Most of the time, it’s all good. I play from the red tees, they from the blues or gold, and we have a grand time. Or a good time. Or an okay time – depending on how we happen to hit the ball that day. I can not count the times that people I don’t know before the first tee, and who I’ve never seen again have helped, inspired and consoled me on the golf course. As much the feel of the well struck ball, and the 20 foot putt that sinks, the generosity of my fellow golfers keeps me coming back. Like Henry Penick ‘s said – if you play golf, you’re my friend.

But sometimes the rub of the green comes into play. An seemingly innocent question – “Does your husband play golf?” can give rise to a complication. Do I stick with the truth – that I’m a woman who is married to a women and that Jane doesn’t play very often, but when she does, she can drive the ball a mile, or does she become “Jim”? Usually I stick with the truth because I can, but there are times when it seems best not to upset the horses or servants.

And the occasional breach of etiquette – like the 20 something guy who mistook my ball for his on both the first and second hole? (I was so happy to have unfettered access to my own ball on 3 that I missed the putt for par)  Would he have been as careless if I were a 50+ year old guy? There have been instants of out right rudeness. (Not tending the pin and then talking while I’m putting, really?) If you don’t want to playing with me, why do you think with you? There are alternative – the most elegant was the fellows who, when pair with me, told the starter they need more time on the practice green. 

So, playing with McIlroy, Obama and Hope? You bet! Or, since Hope isn’t available, maybe it could be McIlroy, Obama, Bohannan and Bremer. Playing with Donald Trump? If McIlroy, Obama or anyone else want to, great! Let ‘er rip tatter chip. As for me, thanks but no thanks. I’d like a little more time on the practice green and fill out the next foursome.

Thorbjørn Olesen makes the case more team golf events

Interesting post earlier this week from the Irish Golf Desk; Olesen, with Søren Kjelds , prevailed at the Handa World Cup of Golf  said of their victory on Friday at the Kingston Heath Golf Club,

“Today on the back nine I felt like I would die for my partner. I’ve never experienced that before.”

Imagine watching the top players, cheering their team mates on, just like we country duffers do when we’re playing four balls with friends.

Read more here – on the Irish Golf Desk.

Batman, Superman and Green Lantern

4/22/16 – The good news is that on Sunday I parred for the first time this season, and then on Tuesday I parred two holes back-to-back. Sunday was a family golf outing, complete with carts, rally caps and lots and lots of mulligans at throwback golf course in the Berkshires. Tuesday, I played the home course, and pared the second and third holes. The rest round was but ended up with a score that takes my handicap down another notch. The bad news is that when I played on Wednesday I was paired with Batman and Superman, and we were joined by Green Lantern on the first green. I left them after putting out on 3, claiming that I had an all important meeting at 4:30.

It started off okay. Batman and I overlapped in the pro shop. I was waiting on the first tee when he and Superman arrived. Introductions were made and we were off. Superman shanked his first shot, but fixed it with a mulligan. Before his second shot, Superman asked Batman which club to use. When Batman told him to take out his bazooka, I realized that these guys were golf buddies.

Just before my second shot, the starter You-whoed us – a singleton would be rounding out our trio. Green Lateran hit his tee shot deep out of bounds to the left. He caught up with us on the green, about the time that the first round of beers.

I am partly to blame for what happened on the second tee. I failed to realize that Superman combined golf and orienteering. His tee shot took off at a 90 degree angle, passing about 20 feet down range from my chin, cleared the hill that defined the dog leg left, and landed somewhere on the practice range. On to 3.

Number 3, a par 3 with an elevated tee, has a priceless view of the city’s skyline. Batman’s tee shot landed in the trees 20 feet behind the green, Green Lantern was in the left bunker and Superman in the bunker on the right. My shot hit the green and rolled up pin even. We putted out and the next round of beers began.  I suddenly remembered an important meeting. Smile. Wave. Good bye. Enjoy your round. Have a nice day. And I moved ever so quickly out of range of the most errant tee shot.

Playing with Dick

3/17/16 – I only had time to play 5 holes. That meant not playing 4 through 7, cutting over to 8’s tee after putting out on 3. Meanwhile, I got to play with Dick.

I had a decent shot off the first tee, then met the two gentlemen that the starter had sent me out with. Gus came over, said hello and then, nodding toward the other fellow, “that’s Dick.” It turned out that Dick was aptly named.
broken tee

After shanki his second shot,  Dick ripped out a good size divot on his approach shot on 1. He walked away, leaving a six inch gash in the fairway mud. (Thanks Dick! say all the ground keepers.) On 3 I was at the top of the back swing on my approach shot when Dick started talking to Gus about waving the fellow behind us on. And tend the pin for me, just because I was away and he was closest to the pin? Ha! Forget about it! What a…